International Women’s Day and Aborting Jesus

Last week, many people celebrated “National Women’s Day”. It’s basically a celebration of, and a call to protect, the rights of women. Now, most of the things that these women are celebrating are things that are either not really rights of women, or else not rights at all (no woman has the right to murder her child, for instance), but regardless, it is a highly celebrated day.

Related to this was the article I saw on Monday where a group of radical feminists in Argentina staged a “performance art show” where one person dressed up as the Virgin Mary and then staged a fake abortion of Jesus. The woman having the “abortion” stood up proudly with her fist in the air as fake blood and fake pieces of a child’s body were “pulled” out of her. It was grotesque, and disturbing. The fact that they so hate Christ that they were motivated to stage this “show” is truly bewildering.

So what do these two things have in common? Well there’s more than just one thing, but I only want to address one at the moment. And it is the sad fact that for so many, both of these things, while celebrated, are actually displays of the hypocrisy and absurdity of their world views.

See, our culture is so committed to hating God and his design for this world, that it often falls into absurdity and hypocrisy when it celebrates its hatred of God. What do I mean?

Consider the fact that there is a huge push in our society to say that gender is simply a “social construct”. People want to tell us that there’s no such thing as “man” or “woman”. Gender is fluid, and it is whatever you want it to be. That’s why people can “identify” themselves. But, think about the irony of saying that gender is a social construct, and then having a day dedicated to celebrating the “inherent rights” of women. Rights are something that are not simply brought about by convention, but are something more intrinsic. I cannot “self-identify” as having the right to steal the money in the cash register at the local gas station. When we speak of rights, we are speaking of something that is intrinsic to a person – things like the right to life, and freedom, and the pursuit of happiness. But…if something like gender is simply a social construct, then how can any “woman” have rights that are intrinsic to her womanhood? Well, the short answer is that she can’t – it’s absurd to suggest she could, and it’s hypocritical to say both that gender is fluid and that “women” have rights.

But it’s just as ironic, absurd, and hypocritical to pretend to “abort baby Jesus” when these same radical feminists don’t believe that an abortion actually kills a person. The women who were protesting by staging this fake abortion were, according to their view, doing nothing more than showing what it looks like to remove some tissue from one’s body. And to make such a big show of it is actually to betray what they say is true. If abortion doesn’t actually end a life, then to stage a fake abortion in order to illustrate a point about how much you hate Jesus is absurd. If Mary had been able to abort Jesus, then, according to these feminists, it would’ve been nothing more than remove some unwanted “waste product” from her body.

But of course, in both of these cases, these women know that they are wrong. They know that they are actually women, and they know that when they celebrate a woman’s “right to choose”, they are advocating for the gruesome murder of children.

I spoke with a radical feminist a couple months ago who was coming up on the one year anniversary of an abortion she’d had. Why in the world she kept track of it when she said she didn’t believe it was anything meaningful is telling all by itself, but then beyond that, she couldn’t stop calling the child “her baby”. She would refer to the child as “the baby” and then she’d correct herself, almost like she had to preach to herself this false doctrine that the child she’d murdered was really not a child. It was terribly sad to watch, and as I shared the gospel with her, I reminded her that although she had murdered her baby, and although she knew that deep down, it didn’t mean that she couldn’t be forgiven.

But still, she denied that she believed these things.

But that’s the point – that’s what it is – denial. When a woman shows the absurdity of her worldview by saying that she has rights and that gender is a social construct, or when a women advocates for the legal ability to murder her child, all she’s doing is denying what she knows to be true – she’s denying her Creator’s sovereign rights over her.

But it’s this absurdity of unbelief that so astounds me. When these people hate God so much that in order to try to live in this world without having to live under his rule, they will contradict themselves from one breath to the next. And it’s not an intelligence issue. I’m not saying that these women are lacking the mental capacity to think logically, I’m saying that they refuse to do so, because if they were to think logically, they’d be forced to encounter the God they hate so much.

See that’s the thing, if you are going to deny that women have rights AS women, then you are going to lose certain intrinsic rights that are necessary to society. But, if you want to say that women HAVE rights as women, then you have to acknowledge that gender is more than simply a convention. You can’t have it both ways, but if you hate God, then you have to pick and choose logic, instead of submitting to it as the objective reflection of God that it is. To reject God absolutely is ultimately to be forced to reject the absolutes he’s placed in reality. That’s the absurdity of unbelief.

But there is an answer, and it’s found in Jesus – it’s found in the gospel. The terribly irony is that these women who wish Jesus would’ve never been born desperately need Jesus’s birth, life, death and resurrection in order to be saved from their God-hating absurdity. And thankfully, in the gospel, Jesus DOES offer that salvation.

See, when we speak of the gospel, and when we speak of salvation, we are often thinking of the salvation of our souls. But Christ didn’t die to save our souls only, he died to redeem us wholly. That means that when Jesus died, he died in part, to save your mind. How does that happen?

Well, the short answer (because there are actually many ways we experience noetic salvation), is that when Jesus saves our souls, he frees us to be rid of our hatred for God and his rule over this world and over our lives. Christ saves our minds because he saves us from the need to reject the God from whom we learn all logic and reason. When I no longer have the need to oppose God, but instead can be at peace with him through Christ, then I don’t have to oppose his ordering of this world. I don’t have to oppose his ordering of gender and gender roles. I don’t have to oppose the life that he gives in the womb, and I don’t have to oppose the reasoning faculties that he’s placed within me.

The absurdity of unbelief leads us toward a life of contradiction and hypocrisy, but thankfully, in the gospel, Christ offers us freedom from unbelief.

I hope that you do not conform to this world’s way of thinking – a God-hating, illogical, absurd way of thinking. Instead, as Paul said “be transformed by the renewing of your mind” through submitting to God’s revelation in his world and in his word.

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