It’s OK!


Let’s see…terrible things that have happened to our culture in the brief month of January…

Obama elected again

Women cleared for frontline combat in the military

Boyscouts announcing a 180 change in their stance on homosexuality

Tightening gun control laws

40th Anniversary of Roe v Wade


And there are more…but here’s the point.

As christians, we really need to pick some of these things and take action. We must also remember though, that the most important thing we can and MUST do is spread the gospel. The gospel brings change. The gospel brings political, social, economic, familial, and, most importantly, God-honoring change. Please don’t get too worked up over these things, and remember that you are able to make everlasting difference if you will just commit to making disciples who are able to obey “all things whatsoever” He has commanded us.

And lastly, please remember that our God is sovereign, and He knows what He is doing with this country.

If this country falls to war, communism, socialism, or anything else, it will not be the first country to fall because of those things, and it will probably not be the last. We should do whatever we can to stop those things (and we should fight hard), but we should also remember that Christ’s kingdom is not of this world, and that the gates of hell will NEVER prevail against His kingdom, no matter how many earthly kingdoms it consumes on it’s way down.


So let’s all remember that for those who love God (remember, love is an action), and for those who have been called to His purpose…it’s ok;-)

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