My Ambitious and Convoluted New Year’s Resolution(s)

I’m turning 30 in 2016. I think even 5 years ago, I still probably thought that this would never happen. And, although I could still die in some awful car wreck or meet my earthly end some other way before July 18th, just looking at the fact that this year contains my 30th birthday has caused me to want to really push myself this year.

Why? Why make a New Year’s resolution, especially the one I’m making, when most New Year’s resolutions fail? Well, my answer, however cliche it might feel, is that I’m doing this for the glory of God and the joy of the world. I’ve put together this resolution in order to try to better myself for the purpose of bringing God glory in all that I do, and also for the purpose of helping others do the same.

So, Soli Deo Gloria! Here’s the list, with a brief explanation of each item.

My New Year’s Resolution is to celebrate my 30th year with “Thirty 30’s”. Thirty different things I’m going to do (or not do), each one having something to do with the number 30.

Also, I want to thank my “Resolution Committee” (the name I’ve come up with for the people who are helping me with this list) for helping with suggestions, clarifications, and continuing to help me with strategies on how to accomplish all of these crazy things! This will be a fun year!

These aren’t in any particular order


  1. Lose (at least) 30 pounds
    1. Yep, I’m starting with weight loss, just like lots of other people. But, it’s definitely something that I need to do.
  2. Visit 30 unique places in and around Springfield
    1. I want to get to know the Ozarks better, so if you have suggestions for places my and my family should check out, let me know!
  3. Read 30 books
    1. This is an ongoing goal I have every year, I got it last year, and hope to again this year!
  4. Be able to run 3.0 miles
    1. I know this is kinda cheating, but I think that running 30 miles is a bit of a stretch.
  5. Be able to do 30 pull-ups
    1. This is an “in-house” challenge. My kids and I do pull-up contests, and so I want to be able to set the bar high by the end of 2016.
  6. Write 30 decent Songs
    1. Writing a song about what I ate for breakfast doesn’t get to count.
  7. Write 30 poems
    1. Same thing.
  8. Try 30 New Foods
    1. I have a very bland palette, and it was recommended to me that I learn to enjoy more of God’s wonderful gifts of food.
  9. Try 30 new drinks
    1. I have a very bland palette, and it was recommended to me that I learn to enjoy more of God’s wonderful gifts of drink.
  10. Write 300 blog posts
    1. I want to begin blogging daily, but I’m allowing myself 65 “skip” days.
  11. Fast for 36 days (3 days/month)
    1. Every month, for the first 3 days of it, I’m going to be fasting (yep, starting tomorrow). I invite anyone who wants to join with me to do so!
  12. Read my bible through 3 times
    1. Three years ago I read it through 4 times, but that was too much, so I’m scaling back to see if 3 times will work but not be too much.
  13. Learn 30 new words or phrases in Spanish
    1. I want to begin learning a new language, and I pretty much just asked my “Resolution Committee” (the people who are helping me with this) which one. Spanish is a good language to know for our time, so Spanish it is!
  14. Try 30 new flavors of pipe tobacco
    1. I smoke a pipe, I think it helps be more “Spurgeonish” in all that I do, but before you think that it’s the same as smoking cigarettes, please do some research. They are very different.
  15. Eat at 30 new restaurants
    1. I am the kind of person who pretty much always goes to the same reliable places when I eat out – but I want to branch out and do more to support local business, so here’s to adventurous eating!
  16. Donate to or participate in 30 different charities or service projects
    1. I’m not sure exactly what this one is going to look like, and I’m looking for suggestions for how to fill this one out, but ultimately, I just want for and me family to be more involved in the community around us, and this is going to be one medium for accomplishing that.
  17. Write 30 short stories
    1. This is a collaborative project with at least one other, but if you’d want to be involved, let me know! I want to put together a book of short stories at the end of the year.
  18. Play music in front of 30 crowds
    1. My family will only count as one;-) But whether this means starting a band, or playing music with my family at nursing homes, or playing on street corners, this will be fun!
  19. Stay up for 30 hours straight
    1. This one is just for fun, I’m looking for ways to use this, so if you have suggestions shoot em this way!
  20. Learn to bake/cook/make 30 new foodish things
    1. I know almost nothing about cooking, and I’m wanting to expand my skill in this area!
  21. Go on 30 dates with my wife
    1. We try to go out once/week. What I’m talking about here is trying to find more unique things to do with our time.
  22. Memorize 30 new passages of scripture
    1. I’m very excited about this one. I think I will try to memorize a book of the bible as opposed to 30 separate passages. Which book would work well to break down into 30 parts?
  23. Play 30 new games (board, card, or video)
    1. I love to play games with friends and family, but as with restaurants, I tend to go back to the same ones. I want to expand my horizons here.
  24. Play basketball (at least) 30 times
    1. Meaning – play consistently. If you know of a good place to play for free or cheap, let me know!
  25. Write a 30 day devotional
    1. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while, and it was suggested to me by someone else as well, so I’ll make it happen this year!
  26. For 30 days, as long as I’m home (I work from home), change all the diapers
    1. This might seem like a strange one, but my wife is pregnant with our 6th child, so this one is reserved for serving her during July (probably) when our little one arrives.
  27. Go 30 days without any electronic media
    1. I might exclude audiobooks that we listen to as a family from that, but otherwise, I’m going to be doing a media fast sometime in the next couple months (not sure whether February or March). It’s good to occasionally get away from electronics for a while. I’ve done this before and it’s always been rewarding.
  28. Play a game (board game or card game probably) with a complete stranger 30 times
    1. Imagine a stranger walks up to you with a checkers board and asks if you want to just play for fun. This is another one I’m really excited about!
  29. Go 30 days without caffeine
    1. This one starts tomorrow – I’m pretty much addicted to Dr. Pepper, and so I’m going without any caffeine for the month of January.
  30. Start a podcast and put out at 30 episodes
    1. This is something I’ve been toying around with for way too long, I need to just pull the trigger. I don’t know exactly what it will look like, but I will be deciding soon – stay tuned!


Well, there’s the list, this will be a fun year. If you want to help or join in with any of these, let me know. Otherwise, follow my blog as I’ll be chronicling this throughout the year. Happy 2016!

Soli Deo Gloria!

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