My Resignation Letter (from being a youth pastor)

I hereby tender my resignation as youth pastor…
Before I go into the details of why though, I should first provide the “why nots.”
1.I am not resigning because I want to leave the church. There are some things that have to change in the way that we conduct ourselves in the worship of God, but in faith I believe that we will work together to pursue God’s Word in those things, and so in faith, I intend to remain at our church until such a time that I believe that we are no longer searching God’s Word for the way we do church.
2. I am not resigning for any reason that has to do with the youth specifically. I love every young person that has ever walked through the doors of the church, and I desperately desire to see them all grow up to love God with all their hearts, minds, and strength. I am very willing to continue to be a mentor and pastor to the children of our church.
3. I am not leaving because of any past, present, or future difficulties that have either happened or would happen because of my position. In good conscience I can firmly say that I have no quarrels with anyone in our local body, and I wish for fellowship and brotherly love to continue with each and every one of them. I do not intend to leave the church (at the moment), and so it would follow that if I intended to stay that I would still resolve any issues present within me, but I affirm that there are none.
So now that I’ve laid down what I am not saying, I wish to present the 10 reasons that I am resigning as youth pastor.
I will gladly provide a comprehensive explanation for the reasons behind this decision, but I’ve included a brief summary of the reasons here.
1. First and foremost youth pastors are not mentioned in the Bible…although we can make an argument that many things aren’t in the Bible, this fact still needs to be mentioned. We’ve created doctrine and theology and college degrees and an entire sub-culture dedicated to something that cannot be found in the Bible.
2. Youth pastors usurp the role given to parents in the raising of children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.
3. Youth pastors do a poor job of filling the shoes of the parents in their role of spiritual instructor of their children. In fact, they fail completely 60-70% of the time.
4. Youth pastors promote laziness on the part of the parents. Even if parents agree that the majority of spiritual instruction should come from them, a youth pastor who spends 2-5 hours a week instructing their kids gives parents a run for their money, and ultimately allows the parent to be able to slack off, even if not necessarily intentionally.
5. Youth pastors cause division among the church of God. It’s very clear that the model given to us by God and the apostles is one of unity, not division, and the existence of a youth pastor defies that, and is therefore a hindrance to the church.
6. Youth pastors/youth ministry creates a “church within a church” culture, where the youth group begins to believe that they can fulfill all of the functions of the church without need or aid of adults or younger children.
7. Youth pastors by their very existence deny the sufficiency of scripture by stating that the way that God prescribed for church to function isn’t sufficient to deal with “this generation” and we hear things like “this culture” or “today’s society” or “the world today” to justify a change in God’s prescribed way of doing things. God’s Word was sufficient before the implementation of youth ministry and sunday school, and it will be long after as well.
8. Youth pastors undermine the authority of elders/pastors. By having a youth pastor, we’ve declared (by default) that the senior pastors don’t have jurisdiction over the youth group, and once again we divide the church.
9. Youth pastors themselves suffer because of the nature of their position. Because of the fact that they are entrusted to pastor, shepherd, mentor and oversee only the youth group, they are often excluded from, and misunderstood by, the other members of the congregation, especially older adults.
10. Finally, being a youth pastor causes me to sin against my own conscience, and so I will not sin against myself and thereby sin against God any longer.

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