Romans Devotional (Romans 1:2-4) – Jesus, the subject of God’s good news

Romans 1:2-4
The gospel of God
2 which he promised beforehand through his prophets in the holy Scriptures, 3 concerning his Son, who was descended from David according to the flesh 4 andwas declared to be the Son of God in power according to the Spirit of holiness by his resurrection from the dead, Jesus Christ our Lord,

The gospel is God’s possession. That’s part of what Romans 1:1 tells us. The gospel is ABOUT God’s Son…that’s what 2-4 is emphatically saying!

Each verse further adds to the subject of God’s gospel, and explains to us more and more about who Jesus is.

Verse 2
Jesus was promised through the prophets in the Old Testament…
God’s good news, which concerns His Son, was not just prophesied, but promised in the Old Testament! The gospel was (and is) a promise. It’s good news that promises life with God forever for all those who will put their trust in His Son! It’s the news that, no matter what you’ve done, when you lived, where you lived, what shade of skin you have, or anything else about you would have any effect on God’s promise to save you if you will just put your faith in Jesus and His sacrifice. That’s what was promised, even in the Old Testament!

Verse 3
Jesus was a man…a human.
Part of the good news that God has for us is that Jesus wasn’t Hercules or some other “demi-god”. He was fully human. He was born “according to the flesh”, He had a physical heritage that could trace His lineage all the way back to Abraham.
Why is this good news? Because it means that Jesus had to live through the same type of life you’re living through, one with ups and downs, death and suffering, joy and pain, loss and gain, temptations and trials, hope and even moments where He was tempted to despair. Jesus knows what it means to live this life, and He knows what it means to live a full life. John said that we wouldn’t even be able to contain “all the He said or did” no matter how many books we filled. Jesus lived a full life…but He also lived a hard life. He lived the life of a “suffering servant”.
So Jesus knows what you’re going through, He can relate, and He can give you the wisdom to make it through without stumbling. As a matter of fact, now that Jesus is seated at the right hand of God, He is praying for you! He is praying that you might not “shipwreck your faith” (Luke 22:31-34)! You have an advocate who has been where you are, and now prays for you and makes intercession for you. Isn’t that wonderful?
The fact that Jesus was fully human also means that when He died, He was able not just to take your sins, but also to give you His righteousness! He was able to give you the record of perfect living that He attained as He was walking through this world. Now, because of His human life, whenever you sin, God instead counts it as though you’d obeyed! How wonderful it is that Jesus lived as one who was “fully” human!

Verse 4
Lastly, God’s good news wouldn’t be good if Jesus had been “only” human, because He wouldn’t have been God’s true Son. Thankfully though, Jesus was also God’s “powerful Son!”
When Jesus was raised from the dead, He was declared fully and finally as the “Son of God in power” or, more rightly, the “powerful Son of God!”
Jesus isn’t a weak, fragile, “killable” human anymore, He is powerful! He is reigning and ruling as the King of God’s wonderful, eternal kingdom! Jesus has “all authority” over everything in this world (Matt 28:17-19). That means that now, for all those who are in God’s kingdom, we know that all things work together for good (Romans 8:28-30)! Nothing happens that falls outside of Jesus’ powerful authority, and so we can trust that nothing happens that is not intended to be good for we who belong to Him!
I hope that encourages you. I hope that no matter what circumstances you find yourself in today, that you can say “it is well with my soul”, because Christ has “regarded your helpless estate.”
Jesus is the reason there is any good news at all! I hope that you know Him, and I hope that you can know the peace that comes from seeing Him both as the “man who lived in our place” and the “powerful king” who lovingly cares for, protects and guides us each and every day!

Though Satan should buffet, though trials should come,
Let this blest assurance control,
That Christ has regarded my helpless estate,
And hath shed His own blood for my soul.

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