To Hell With It All!

If you are a christian, if you believe the gospel, then to hell with sin!

To hell with sin, to hell with it all.

To hell with fear, because God promises that he will care for you in all situations.

To hell with greed, because you have infinite riches promised to you in heaven.

To hell with anger at your circumstances, because Jesus died to prove that God loves you and will bring good from them.

To hell with sinful anger at others, because God will deal with their sins, either in hell or in Christ.

To hell with feelings of guilt, because Jesus died to absolve you of them.

To hell with lust, because no pleasure on this earth can compare to the pleasures of God.

To hell with over-eating, as if there is no infinite feast awaiting you in heaven.

To hell with selfishness, when God promises that you will always have all you need.

To hell with addictions, when Jesus died to free you from evil masters.

To hell with laziness, when you’ve been freed to participate in the greatest work in the universe – the mission of God!

To hell with people-pleasing, when you have the approval of the creator of the universe.

To hell with self-pity, when all things are working for your good.

To hell with self-loathing, as if you know better how to think about yourself than God does.

To hell with pride in your own accomplishments, as if it isn’t God’s Spirit at work within you.

To hell with lying, when the truth has set you free.

To hell with feeling hopeless, because the promises of the gospel are the best promises in the universe.

To hell with living for the pleasures of this world, when in God’s presence there is fullness of joy and pleasures forevermore.

To hell with sin, to hell with it all.

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