Vacation Day 16 – Facebook

Today I decided that I’m going to be stepping back (though not getting off) of Facebook.

This post will be short, as it’s just an update about my decision. I’ve been ruminating on it for a few days and have decided that it would be good. I’ll briefly share my reasons.


Facebook is time consuming, and I know that self-control is a great way of dealing with something that consumes too much time, but sometimes a detox is nice too. Also, I’m not completely getting off of FB, but simply limiting my time and activity drastically, so it is an exercise in self-control .

2. The way that I use FB is primarily to do research and attempt to edify people. The former can be very good thanks to FB groups etc… the latter though can be very difficult and time consuming, and I find that sometimes I’m working hard to help people on the other side of the planet (well, er, at least the country), and I could be using that energy to help people in closer proximity to me.

3. Even though I usually do a decent job of staying focused on my goals when using Facebook, it is still an extremely distracting place, and I find myself still getting lost in rants, memes, compelling quotes, strange photos, pithy sayings, crazy videos etc… This particular fact is also one of the reasons I try to stay away from youtube.

4. Lastly (though in truth there could be more), I’ve found that for christians, Facebook is an extremely negative place. I am a part of a few FB groups that have been tremendously helpful to me in some ways, but I have both friends and acquaintances, both christian and non-christian, on FB that are so negative that it just begins to drain you. Why we as christians don’t seek to edify one another through speaking the truth in love, instead of resorting to name calling and mockery will never cease to amaze me. I think Facebook has become one of the surest ways to see if someone really is compelled and controlled by the love of Christ, simply based on the way they converse with their (supposed) brothers and sisters in Christ. For the record, 1 Cor 13 (the love chapter) is purposeful when it says that love “rejoices in the truth” instead of saying that it “criticizes and condemns the wrong”.

So, because of these and other reasons, I’m going to be limiting my time on FB for a while (not sure how long). I engage many of you very regularly through Facebook, so I felt it right to let ya’ll know. Here’s how I’ll be using Facebook.

I will still post my blog entries there, and I’ll at least check the notifications regarding my blog.

I will still use Facebook for research, but only as a last resort.

I won’t be using it for messages anymore, except to speak to people who don’t have email, but if you have email, message me there, my email is

If you have something you really want me to see, then you need to address me specifically, otherwise I won’t see it, because I won’t be checking my newsfeed.

I’ll also be turning off FB on my phone, so even though I will still occasionally be on, I won’t be as easily accessible.


Ok, well that’s it. I want everyone to know that I don’t think anything I’m doing is prescriptive for anyone else beside me, and I want people to understand that I’m not saying that I’m in any way “holier than thou” for doing this. This is simply an effort to maximize my time, minimize my distractions, and minimize some of the negativity in my life.


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