Vacation Day 19 – Resolutions

Ya know I don’t ever plan what I’m going to write here. Some might call that irresponsible, but again, I’m trying to treat this more like a journal. I’ve never been good at journaling. I’ve done it sporadically over my life, and I’ve always really been glad I’ve done it, but it’s been one of those things that I’ve been unable to get started. I know that when I say that I’ve been “unable” that what I’m really admitting is that I’ve been “unwilling”, but surely you’ve experienced what I’m talking about. Sometimes no matter how much we want to change something in our lives, our attempts just seem to fall flat.

I have a theory about that though, and it’s one that only christians would ever be able to have.

See, as christians we believe that we are not alone in this life. We believe that we are not the only person working on our “self-improvement” strategies. Actually, we believe that we are not the primary decision makers in our “self-improvement” strategies. We believe that “God is at work within us, both to will and to work for his good pleasure.” I think that this fact, is actually part of the reason that we find ourselves being unable to meet some of our goals sometimes.

One of the reasons I believe that we sometimes can’t keep up that new habit, or meet that goal, or finish that resolution, because it’s not in God’s plan for us right now. Again, we believe that God is working in our lives, to help us become more like him, but that means that he knows what we need to become more holy. It also means that we don’t always know. That’s why we speak of God sending storms or trials into our life, because that’s part of what makes us holy, but I think that this is true regarding our ability (or lack thereof) to be able to accomplish certain life goals also.

The question then is, how do we know what to do when we find ourselves failing at something over and over again? And that’s something that many books have been written about. The only thing that I would say about it tonight is that from my own experience.

It’s not about trying to second guess God. It’s not about trying to figure out if God is in fact “sanctifying” you in this area. Instead, it’s really about remembering that as long as we’re sure that what we’re doing is biblical, then even if we’re failing at it, there’s no condemnation for us. For example, whenever I’ve tried journaling and failed, it’s been important for me to remember that it’s kindof like praying. Just because you haven’t had the answer you want yet, doesn’t mean that you won’t. It also means that you don’t try to second guess whether or not God is “saying no.” It just means that we keep trying until God says no, or else God removes the ability for us to try.

I’m sure that we’ve all tried and failed, but thankfully, God knows exactly what we need to be able to become more like him, and God won’t fail with any of his resolutions!


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