Vacation Day 20 – Date

I took my wife out tonight to a fancy restaurant.

I did something I’ve never done and spent almost as much money on one meal as I do on our van payment….and it was great!

In the Old Testament, the Israelites were commanded to have times of feasting in which they would celebrate all that God had done for them. They were even commanded to take a portion of their earnings and “blow it” on the celebration. Now obviously it wasn’t blowing the money if it was being used to celebrate God, but the idea was that even if you normally would never spend tons of money at a fancy restaurant, do it this time.

So tonight that’s what Kari and I did. It was more money than I’ve ever spent at a restaurant, and it was even hard for Kari and I to be ok with it, but it was well worth it. We spend so much time and money on our kids, it’s important for us to spend time celebrating the gift God’s given us of having a great marriage and still being best friends.

We even got to take a picture on a bridge where we took a picture five years ago. Maybe Kari will have it up on Facebook later.

I hope that you who are married will make time to celebrate your marriage, and to just “blow” time and money on each other when you have the ability to do so (and even sometimes when you don’t!)


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