Vacation Days 22-25 – South Dakota

Sorry I didn’t post for a few days. I could have while I was up in South Dakota, but I was very busy, and then sick! So I wasn’t able to post like I would’ve liked to….oh well.

My mom-in-law’s family lives in SD on the family farm. Yep, both my mom and dad-in-law come from family farms! My kids think that’s really cool. They would love to live on a farm as much as I would! One of my boys even said that he’d prefer to stay there on the farm and we could just come back and get him…whenever. The next night we all bought ice cream once we got back to Omaha though, and he was happy he decided to stay with his family.

We came back on Sunday the 30th of March, and it marked two years since our oldest three first came to live with us. It’s been such a long two years, but it’s also been the most amazing two years of my life. As we sat at a restaurant with our older three and ate ice cream, we just asked them what the best parts of the past two years had been. All three of them weren’t able to think of anything older than 5 months ago, but that’s to be expected with our crazy, often short-sighted, kiddos.

They asked me what my favorite part of the last two years has been next, and for me it was easy, though it doesn’t have an exact time tied to it. For me, the best part of the last two years was the moment I realized how wonderful God had been to give me such an amazing family. So many parents spend so much time praying that God would give them obedient children, or children who are good friends, or children who love their parents. These parents read book after book trying to figure out how to accomplish these goals with their kiddos, but, what I realized was that although we play an amazing part in training our children…it is always and ultimately God who will give a family these blessings.

God has given me children who love their parents, who love each other, who listen and are respectful (most of the time), and looking back at the past two years, I’m so thankful that I can see that it was God and not me that accomplished this. Now of course I have strong views on parenting, and I feel the incredible weight of the task I’ve been called to as a parent, but I look back at the past two years, and I realize that there is no way that we could’ve ever taken our older three (or our little ones either) and raised them to become who they are today.

Maybe that’s part of the point of parenting as christians. It seems like parenting, more than any other calling, exists at least in part to highlight our weaknesses. Our shortcomings as disciple makers is never on display more than as a parent, but that also means that the sufficiency of Christ is never on more full display either! He truly is strong when we are weak, and we are weak often…as parents.

My favorite part of the last two years is seeing how wonderfully blessed I am to have witnessed God’s mighty power working in my family in spite of myself.

I’m sure that if you’re a parent, you know what I’m talking about…praise God for the way he shows himself strong and glorious through our weaknesses!


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