Wretched and Righteous

Wretched and Righteous

I am wretched, a wicked man

My thoughts, my heart, my feet, my hands

Embrace the call of sin

Every sin offends Creator

Every sin affronts the cross 

Each moment I reject the Savior

This world is gain, Christ is loss

I am righteous, counted perfect

The Savior died, though I deserved it

His life for my atonement 

Every action seen as holy

My condemnation far removed

On the cross, bloody, lonely

God’s love for me, through Christ was proved

I am wretched, righteous too

What once was old, becoming new

Already finished, not yet through

Perfect record, beloved child

Quick to stumble, turn to idols

Chasing glory all the while

I am wretched, I am righteous

The cost to purchase me was priceless

Christ on the cross – lifeless

He was raised, and set me free

Promised me eternity

Where I will no longer be…

Wretched, only righteous 

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